Electrical Compliance Safety Certificates Randburg Wide


Here, we will give an overview of the importance of having a Randburg-approved Electrical Compliance Certificate for your residential or commercial property.

Among our firm’s services is to give an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) that ascertains your electrical installation conformity to South African standards. A Certificate of Electrical Compliance is essential in Randburg as it serves as proof of your electrical installation’s safety.

If there’s an electrical problem and your property suffers serious damages, the companies offering you insurance coverage against property damage will ask for an authentic electrical certificate. Without the certificate, the insurers may deny your claim.

As a result of the new changes in legislation, people who buy new property ought to have a new ECOC certificate drawn up. Generally, it is advisable that you’ve your property inspected by a certified residential electrician after every two years, regardless of your intent to sell the property or are planning on retaining ownership. This ascertains that your property’s electrical installation meets the safety standards during your ownership. If you’re renting your property out, you are necessitated to have a valid Landlord Certificate, as well as give your tenants a copy of this certificate.

Properties shouldn’t be rented out lest the landlord possesses a valid certificate of compliance.  Realtors are also obligated to check the Electrical Certificate of Compliance prior to helping you secure a tenant.

As accredited electricians, we can assist you in making an electrical certificate of compliance for your property. For further ECOC Randburg information, contact us on 087 551 0613 and we will gladly respond to all the queries that you may have.